How we meet individual and communities transport needs is the priority for a new partnership.

Dumfries and Galloway Council, the NHS, SWestrans, Third Sector Dumfries and Galloway and community organisations from across the region have come together to tackle the challenges many people face accessing transport services the rest of us take for granted.

Given the dispersed nature of our population it is not surprising that access to transport at time when people need it is seen as an important issue. For those who do not drive or have access to a car (older people, those with a disability, lower income and vulnerable people and many young people) getting about when public transport is not physically accessible, convenient or affordable can be a major challenge. The evidence suggests that as a result many people become in our communities isolated and their health and wellbeing suffers.


The aim of the partnership is to develop and design transport services to maximise the benefits to the community and develop the capacity of the community transport sector.”


There are some very good examples of community based transport but its funding by public authorities lacks co-ordination. We will build on what we already have and explore new ideas. This partnership between community and public organisations is helping us achieve this.

SWestrans welcomes the initiative:

“This partnership between the public authorities and community organisations will ensure that scarce resources are spent in the best possible way and that we recognise and support communities to meet their transport needs. It will be about recognising that social transport services to the most vulnerable in our community are designed from the bottom up and not top down”. The move to form a partnership for community transport is also supported by Dumfries and Galloway Community Planning Partnership

The transport needs of Dumfries and Galloway will be addressed through partnership with the third and public sector through a Public Social Partnership or PSP, a model for local working promoted by the Scottish Government.  A PSP for community transport has been developed in Strathclyde and has proved successful.