What is Community Transport?

Community Transport is a passenger transport scheme owned and operated by local community groups. They have been set up by people living in areas with very limited public transport and the services, which are greatly valued by local communities, are provided on a not-for-profit basis.

Transport can include excursions, evening bus services, day centre and weekly lunch club transport, travelling to ‘senior swimming’, transporting youths to away football fixtures, being a member of one of the many user groups or providing transport for the local School or Summer Activity Playscheme.

Community Transport (CT) is about providing flexible and accessible solutions to transport needs.


“New friends are often made by using the services we provide either as a passenger or a volunteer driver.” Glenkens Transport Initiative.


CT is often the only way of transport for some.

CT providers can use everything from mopeds to minibuses and typical services in Dumfries & Galloway include Minibus Services, Community Bus, Demand Responsive Transport Services, Community Car Schemes, Vehicle Brokerage and Management and Training.

Community Transport Operators (CTO’s) can be run by both paid staff and volunteers.

CT can also benefit those who are isolated or excluded.


“Annandale Community Transport Service has been a life saver for me and my mam. I honestly would be lost without them”


CT services focus on individual needs.